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Introduction to Tactis Digital


Introduction to Tactis

Hey there! here you are looking at my first article. Thanks for visiting tactis. Let me introduce first, I am Vinay Shukla and I am a digital marketer as well as a web designer. I work as a freelance and I am doing this professionally from last two year. I have worked for lots of clients in various segments like news media, real estate, NGO’s, construction companies, manufacturers, etc. Prior to that, I was in Real estate profession for 10 years, in 2016 I decided to move into the digital marketing field. As because I have very keen interests in the Internet and the digital revolution of this era, and having a technical mindset from childhood, I decided to change my career path, so I moved on. And here I am working as a freelance web designer and digital marketing professional, earning handsomely.

Why Tactis?

Frankly speaking, Tactis is a digital platform from which I plan to earn few extra bucks by monetizing it. I won’t lie that I am trying to give back to the community here or I will be helping people to achieve their goals, etc. My primary goal is to earn from this website. I am planning to share what I have learned from my experiences and in the process of this its definitely going to help lots of people. I have a various plan of action set to monetize it, which will come in later stages. I will be using various channels like, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, local advertising, etc to monetize it. That’s the main reason behind this website.

What’s my plan of action?

As far as my vision goes, I am planning to share my experiences as a web designer and digital marketing and of my whole career in short stories articles and tutorials which will help many to achieve their goals in life. We will be discussing various daily digital hacks to make your life easy. Short and easy tutorials to complete a task or work which we lack doing because of digital illiteracy. Career suggestions and guidance to start a fresh journey in your life by using digital techniques.

When are you starting?

Well, we are standing on the starting of a whole new year. It’s January 2019. So, I have been planning for a long time to start a blog like this. Here I am writing my first article or you can say an Introduction to Tactis. Let’s start the journey in a hope to make it a big success for me and my readers too. With your support, I am definitely going to achieve it. Thanks for coming by. Let’s do it.

 and the journey begins ……….

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