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How to register a free domain for your new website

Hey there! here you are reading this article. I don’t know whats your reason to get a free domain. Every tutorial out there will not suggest you create your website on a free domain.  Because you might lose it anytime. So it’s not good to use a free domain for real and genuine work but if you really need a free domain to use, maybe for practice and learning purposes, then you are at right place. I will tell you where can you get one for free.

Searching For your free Domain Availability

To get a free domain you only need a working email id ready with. Now visit the website Freenome – A  Name for Everyone and search for your desired domain in the search box.

Selecting extension for your desired free domain

After clicking check availability you will find the results page like below image. There is five domain extension which you can register your domain in. simply click on get it now button of any one of them which you want. it will check the availability and turn it green changing the get it now button to select. Now click on checkout and register your new domain.

Selecting Time Period for your Free Domain Registration

When you click on the checkout button it will redirect you to the details page like below image. Here you can select the time period for which you want this domain. You can register this domain for one year without paying any charges. If you register it for longer duration freenom will charge it for you. I always prefer to register my free domains for one year period.

And when you click on continue page this will open review and checkout page where freenom will ask you to verify your email id for registration. You can also use your Gmail or Facebook account to login automatical. Just click on the button which says continue with Facebook or sign in with Google. It’s an easy task this way.

So, now you have got your free domain to play around. I personally prefer freenom because its a reputed website and chances for losing your free domain is less. Now tell me what will you do with your new domain? Are you planning to start a new blog or perhaps you want to create a website for learning and demo purpose? Whatever your reason is you also need a Web hosting Server to get it started. Do you want to buy one or want it free like domain? If your answer is yes, you can get a free web hosting too if you want but that I will tell you in my next article. Do comment what you think of this article. Do you know any other free domain offering website ? Bye for now.

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