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5 most useful keyboard shortcuts for easy writing in wordpress

Hey there ! how are you guys? I hope you are doing well. As I promised to fill this website with valuable contents which helps you to do more writing in less time, here I am with my second article on this site tactis digital.

If you are reading this article then you must have been searching for keyword shortcuts for WordPress which can help you do a few things fast while writing an article for your blog post. Here I am giving you 10 most useful keyboard shortcuts for you. WordPress editor is most likely ms-word and you will find that most of the shortcuts are equal to ms-word. Although we have various shortcuts icons above the WordPress content box, personally I feel very annoyed to use my mouse for doing these little tasks which can be achieved by only pressing a few keys on our keyboard. So let’s begin.

1. Shortcuts using Ctr key of your keyboard.

As we use mostly in ms-word the basic keys like Copy, paste, cut, bold, underline are the same in WordPress editor too. You can use these keyboard shortcuts to do very basic formatting of your article.

Letter Action
c Copy
v Paste
a Select all
x Cut
z Undo
y Redo
b Bold
i Italic
u Underline
k Insert/edit link

2. Checking Spelling mistakes

While writing in WordPress editor we often find it hard to do spell checks and grammar mistakes, because of that most of the time instead of using WordPress editor we use other writing tools like ms-word to do it perfectly and copy paste it later on. What if I say that there is an option to do this in WordPress editor itself. You just have to use shift+alt+n (for this to work you will have to install a third party plugin like TinyMCE Spellcheck, there are other plugins s also available ) to do the spelling and grammar check easily.

3. For Justifying your Paragraphs.  

In earlier versions of WordPress, there was an icon to justify your paragraph, I don’t know why WordPress removed it but personally, I find it very useful for displaying your articles neatly aligned. I personally don’t like the unaligned articles. So to make my post look tidy and clean I need the justify option. For this to achieve you can also install a plugin which will bring back the justify icon at WordPress editor toolbar. But what if I tell you that one can do these small things by using keyboard shortcuts, why install a plugin in your site increasing the extra load on your website. I always try to find a solution for any WordPress related problem and dig for it instead of using an easy way of installing plugins. Remember one thing, More you install plugins more it’s going to use resources on your server. So, for justifying your text you can simply use a shift+alt+j on your keyboard by selecting the paragraph to achieve it without any plugin.

4.  Using h1 to h6 for heading.

While writing an article for your blog we definitely use heading tags for categorizing our article in different paragraphs and for SEO purposes also it’s wise to use h1 to h6 tag in our article. We know that we have the option to do this on WordPress toolbar. But we are talking about keyboard shortcuts here so that we won’t have to use the mouse every time. You can simply select the sentence or paragraph and use shift+alt+key to achieve this.

1 Heading 1
2 Heading 2
3 Heading 3
4 Heading 4
5 Heading 5
6 Heading 6

5. Align your text left, center or right.

Although there are shortcut icons available at the WordPress editor toolbar to do this, but we can also use keyboard shortcuts to achieve this for saving more time. Use shift+alt+key to align your post, paragraph, or heading.

l Align Left
j Justify Text
c Align Center
d Strike-through
r Align Right

There are lots of other keyboard shortcuts to use while writing your next blog post. You can find all at this WordPress page. That’s all for now, do comment your valuable feedback about this post and let me know if you use any other useful keyboard shortcut you use and why. Thanks for reading.

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