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Optimizing images of your wordpress site without any plugins.

Keeping your site optimized for faster loading is not an easy task. It’s a combined effort of both website owner and designer. Especially when you are a blogger or a journalist writing news articles. Whoever you are, If you use unoptimized and large in file size images on your website, you will end up making your website slower.

So it’s better to optimize your images for faster and smooth loading of your site, also there are other benefits too like saving server bandwidth and space. There are lots of plugins if you are on WordPress platform. And even if you are not using WordPress you can optimize your images by using lots of tools.

Compressing your Images automatically when you upload it.

You can simply compress your images automatically while uploading. For this, to work you just have to add a simple line of code to your active themes function.php file. Open your Cpanel and go to file manager or connect with FTP client. Open this file here at  yourwebsite.comwp-content/themes/YOUR_ACTIVE_THEMES/functions.php and Add the following code at the end of the content of the functions.php file and save it.

add_filter( 'jpeg_quality', create_function('', 'return 50;' ) );

After you add the code you need to regenerate the thumbs, for that you could use the Force Regenerate plugin.

The value 50 stands for 50% if you want a better compression or better quality modify it and regenerate the thumbs. Experiment until you get the optimal value.

Using Fs-resizer on windows – I use this personally.

There are lots of other online tools and software available for optimizing and reducing the image size. You can use photoshop, gimp and many other image processing software. But I am here to tell you my way. I always use FsResizer Software to optimize my images. It has got lots of features to process and optimize your images. It can simply reduce an image files size up to 90 %,  2 Mb of an image file can be reduced to meer 100 kb in size without compromising on the quality of the image. And it only takes seconds to do that. It can optimize jpeg, png, jpg, and many other formats. Fs-resizer is available in portable formate too, so you can keep it in your pen drive and use it on any pc. Here is the link to download it – Fs-Resizer.

Using ImageOptim app ( Only for Mac Users ) 

ImageOptim is an app that optimized PNG and JPEG images which is available on Mac-os only. The best part about this compressor is, it is completely free and it integrates with best image optimization tools like PNGout, Jpegotim to name a few, Zopfil. You can Download the free app from https://imageoptim.com/mac and install it in your apple laptop or pc.

Using RIOT Image Optimization tool for Windows

IRiot also works like ImageOptim. Its an alternative to Windows for ImageOptim. RIOT has an easy to use interface to compare the original with the optimized image in real time and instantly see the resulting file size. The image optimizer is lightweight, fast and simple to use, yet powerful for advanced users. You can save and optimize JPEG, GIF, and PNG with a simple, clean user interface. And this also comes free and you can Download it from here http://luci.criosweb.ro/riot/.

I always prefer to optimize images before uploading instead of installing a plugin on my site. I don’t like using plugins on my website for tasks which can be achieved manually. Remember every extra plugin install creates an extra load on your server. So I always prefer the manual way to do anything with my website. What do you do to keep images of your website optimized? Do comment below. Thanks for stopping by.

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